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A list of enemies and character backgrounds for 24XX games, especially Tempus Diducit because it's wild.

Made for the 24XX Jam, I had to add some more (13) backgrounds that could work with Tempus Diducit or other not-hard-scifi 24XX games. And some enemies for similar ones because, you know, haven't you always wanted to fight fire ants in 'mecha' suits? Short lil cute ones you could kick, if they weren't made of titanium?

Note, this is not a full game, you will need the 24XX SRD or a compatible game to use the character classes. The enemies are 'just' descriptive and are somewhat system-neutral that way.

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TagsFantasy, Sci-fi, Time Travel


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I love it! Tepus Diducit characters were my fave and now there's more! I like how the Revent uses the skill dice mechanic in a new way. And I learned a new word - blathysphere.