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A modern-ish surreal nightmare setting hack of Gayhalforc's Sledgehammer. Moon Hammer reveals a world warped and ruined by the full Moon. Society crumbles but what remains needs adventurers willing to root out those with corrupted souls, or use said corruption to gather food and resources. 

Comes with 2d10 new careers like samizdat seller and sewer cleaner, 2d10 new Cobbles like gask masks and geiger counters, and some basic rules for having a home base with a small supporting group of NPCs, gathering enough food to keep them (and yourselves) alive between harrowing adventures. 

Come see what happens when the Moon warps and corrupts, whispers horrid secrets, and the city streets turn to flesh and bleed. Come to the land shattered by the Moon Hammer.


Based on Sledgehammer by Gayhalforc. Moon Hammer is an independent work compatible with Sledgehammer but not affiliated with Gayhalforc

Inspired by playing lots of HROT, DUSK, reading Wounds, watching LOCAL58TV, and what the Moon does in Fear & Loathing: Termina. And Nate Treme making NOSR and talking about making pocketmod books on twitter.

Don't forget, no matter what ails you, cans of blood/lard will make you feel better!

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TagsHorror, Surreal


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