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Stellar Punk Weirdos

Take some evocative traits (Body Full of Pins, Vomit Vines, Self-Split Dodge) and figure out what it means at your table! You can determine how the Last Synthesizer Master does their thing better than I can! Where do you park a Grey Goo Taxi? How does your character raise sharks? Up to y'all! You've got this.

The format for the backgrounds was created by people over here at 72stations. They got Death Grips!

8d20 backgrounds, abilities, items and quirks, based on IDLES songs, Floodgate Companion, Space Sunglasses, weird art, The Comet Is Coming, Thee Oh Sees, Tarboz, and others. Lots of weird scifi that isn't concerned about delta-v or the boiling point of liquid oxygen. More 'the giant beachball shaped alien warbles and your nose bleeds profusely! What do you do?'

There's also a tiny optional system - roll one or two d20s, no stats, no modifiers. Roll high or die! Speaking of death, also includes a table of things that happen to you when you should die but you don't somehow. Maybe you were a Company android all along! Maybe a tape recorder with spider legs crawls out of your warm corpse!

And a list of influences by people who may or may not wish to be included but it's too late now!

Bigots, transphobes, and fascists are not allowed to use this game or any of its parts.

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This is such an amazing resource, I want to run a total gonzo session with these characters.